External Wall Insulation

Baumit is an external wall insulation system. Plates made from polystyrene foam act as a heat insulating layer and are provided with a vapour permeable base plaster, also known as a reinforcement layer that consists of a filler and fibreglass mesh. On to of this a weather-resistant finish is added which is also vapour permeable. The system can be applied to all base surfaces and is ideal for both old and new buildings, individual houses or blocks of flats. It is even suitable for non-residential buildings such as sheds or workshops. R & G Building services install the entire range of Baumit products in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

The picture on the right shows a poorly insulated home, with a large amount of heat passing straight through the walls.

House without external wall insulationKEY ADVANTAGES AFTER INSTALLATION:

  • You do not lose space on the inside of your property, as the insulation is on the external wall
  • There are a wide variety of exterior facades to choose from to suit your property and those surrounding it
  • Economical and long lasting system
  • Delivers on average of 75% minimum decrease in loss of heat through walls, depending on materal and thickness selecterd
  • Improves weather-proofing
  • Improves sound insulation
  • Reduces draughts
  • Reduces condensation on internal walls and can help prevent damp, which can also improve health
  • Can add value to your property through demonstrably lower heating bills and better appearance.

R & G Building Services are fully qualified installers of the Baumit exterior wall insulation system. We cover North London, Essex and Hertfordshire.



Again and again, existing properties are subjected to visible damage - above all on the building’s skin - which makes renovation work necessary. When doing this work, people often forget that a simple visual repair is only “cosmetic” in the truest sense of the word. When renovation an old building, you can also decisively set the course for your future. Namely: to save energy, raise levels of comfort, increase the value of your house and get subsidies to do all this! A scientific study shows that the thermal renovation of
a building can result in an increase in its value of up to 20%.


The Baumit colour range includes 200 of the world’s most beautiful colours. 38 tones, each with 5
levels of brightness and 10 base colours for your imagination run free. Let your personality express itself, put a symbol of the joy of life onto the façade of your house. If desired, your favourite colours or schemes can be brought to life in photographs – so that you have an idea of the possible outcome in advance. 

Put on that finishing touch with window frames, rustic stones or ornaments: Baumit offers a rich selection of façade designs to highlight the character of your house.


baumit-eps-brochureIt's possible that you could get a significant portion of the cost covered. Visit the Carbon Trust website and look for 'The Green Deal'.You could also speak with your energy supplier, who may offer a grant. Some local authorities also offer subsidies under the 'Decent Home Scheme'.


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